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Black and White Baltic Amber Charm Bracelet Bead with Sterling Silver Core

Black and White Baltic Amber Charm Bracelet Bead with Sterling Silver Core

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Discover the natural beauty and healing properties of Baltic amber with our stunning charm bracelet bead. Crafted from black and light honey yellow faceted Baltic amber with a gleaming sterling silver core, this bead is a beautiful addition to any charm bracelet.

Baltic amber is a unique form of amber that is only found in the Baltic region of Europe. It is renowned for its exceptional quality and beautiful colors, including the gorgeous swirls of black and light honey found in this bead.

In addition to its stunning visual appeal, Baltic amber is believed to have powerful healing properties. It is said to promote positive energy flow and balance, helping to ease stress and anxiety. It is also thought to support the immune system and aid in pain relief.

This beautiful bead is compatible with Pandora bracelets and other popular charm bracelet styles. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your existing bracelet or create a new, customized piece of jewelry, this bead is the perfect choice.

Please note that this order contains one bead only, and the chain or bracelet shown in the photos is not included. With its unique beauty and powerful healing properties, our Baltic amber charm bracelet bead is a must-have for any jewelry collection.

Measurments: 16.3mmx8.6mm

Hole size: 4mm

Amber is a semi-precious stone that is associated with it's healing, cleansing and protective properties. Amber is a throat Chakra.

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