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Large Jade Floating 4 leaf Clover Pendant

Large Jade Floating 4 leaf Clover Pendant

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Large genuine floating jade 4 leaf clover charm. Substantial size and weight. Lovely on its own or layered with other charms.

Pendant made from genuine nephrite jade mined from British Columbia, Canada. The jade pendant is hand carved and a medium green color.

Option to purchase sterling silver figaro chain necklaces.

The order is for one pendant only.

Size: 13mmx3mm

The 4 leaf clover, also known as a shamrock, is a powerful symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and abundance. Each leaf of the clover is said to represent a different blessing: faith, hope, love, and luck. The addition of a fourth leaf is believed to bring extra luck, making it a highly sought-after symbol of positivity and good vibes.

Crafted from the finest quality jade, our 4 Clover Charm is more than just a symbol of luck. This stunning gemstone is also renowned for its healing properties, believed to promote balance, tranquility, and spiritual well-being. 

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