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Large Genuine Jade Maori Fish Hook Pendant Necklace

Large Genuine Jade Maori Fish Hook Pendant Necklace

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Our exquisitely carved jade Maori Fish Hook Pendant is a beautiful translucent green color. Carved from the finest nephrite jade sourced from British Columbia, Canada, the pendant comes with an adjustable cord necklace adorned with accompanying beads.

The fish hook, also known as Hei Matau, is a significant symbol in Maori culture. It is a traditional pendant worn on a necklace that represents strength, prosperity, and good luck to those who wear it.

In Maori legend, the fish hook was created by the god Maui, who used it to fish up the North Island of New Zealand. The fish hook symbolizes a connection to the ocean and a respect for the sea, which is an important aspect of Maori culture.

The swirl in the center of the pendant, also known as the "koru," is a common symbol in Maori art and design. It represents new beginnings, growth, and harmony. The koru is often associated with nature and the cycle of life, symbolizing the unfolding of a fern frond as it grows and matures.

Jade is a captivating gemstone that has been celebrated for centuries across various cultures. It is believed to have incredible powers to bring harmony, contentment, and balance to those who wear it. In Asian cultures, jade is regarded as a powerful symbol of good luck, capable of bringing wealth, happiness, and friendship into people's lives.

The fish hook, koru, and jade together create a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry.

5.3 grams

Pendant size: 23mmx4mm

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