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Large Genuine Jade Carved Koru Heart Pendant Necklace

Large Genuine Jade Carved Koru Heart Pendant Necklace

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Large hand-carved jade Koru heart necklace on an adjustable cord necklace. Gorgeous translucent green. The spiral heart pendant is made from nephrite jade mined from British Columbia, Canada.

Order is one heart pendant necklace.

In New Zealand Maori culture, the Koru is a spiral shape that symbolizes new life, growth, strength, and peace. It is often used in Maori art and design, representing the unfolding of a new fern frond. The shape of the Koru is also associated with the cycle of life and the interconnectedness of all living things. It is a significant symbol in Maori culture, representing hope and new beginnings. The Koru is commonly seen in traditional Maori tattoos, carvings, and artworks, as well as in contemporary designs.

Jade is a captivating gemstone that has been celebrated for centuries across various cultures. It is believed to have incredible powers to bring harmony, contentment, and balance to those who wear it. In Asian cultures, jade is regarded as a powerful symbol of good luck, capable of bringing wealth, happiness, and friendship into people's lives.

The beautiful green hue of jade and smooth texture and cool surface make it soothing to touch and hold, providing a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Jade is also known for its incredible strength and durability. In fact, jade is considered one of the toughest gemstones in the world, with a hardness level that is comparable to diamonds.

This strength and durability make jade an ideal material for crafting long-lasting and high-quality jewelry and accessories. It also adds to the gemstone's value, as jade pieces can be passed down through generations as heirloom pieces.

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