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About Me

Hey there, I'm Vee, and I own Aura Charms. With 11 years in the jewelry business, my journey started on Etsy with my first business, Many Hats of Me. At Aura Charms, every gemstone is hand-picked by me, ensuring the highest quality and beauty for my customers.

Every year, I visit Tucson to source the best gemstones and travel to Canada to find the finest Canadian Jade. I also love creating unique pieces by gold plating sterling silver jewelry.

Recently, I've embraced turning 50 and all the changes it brings. My skin has become drier, my joints less flexible, and some injuries, like my dislocated finger, are slow to heal. Hormonal changes have introduced mood swings and severe nausea. These experiences led me to explore alternative ways to heal my mind and body, using chakra stones, essential oils, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.

The products at Aura Charms reflect my journey into holistic healing. Now, I'm excited to take the next step by diving into 3D designing and casting my pieces in-house. Thank you for joining me on this adventure.
Vee, owner of Aura Charms and Many Hats of Me