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Petite Genuine Jade Elephant Charm Pendant

Petite Genuine Jade Elephant Charm Pendant

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Genuine jade elephant charm hand carved from nephrite jade from the Cassiar mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Option to purchase heavy sterling silver rolo or bar and bead chain necklace. The bail and jump ring are made of plated stainless steel.

The order is for one charm only.

Weight: 1.96g
9mm x 8mm x 3.5 mm

Jade has been treasured for centuries due to its beauty and powerful healing properties. This particular jade variety, nephrite, is known for its deep green color and is believed to promote serenity, balance, and good luck. Combined with the symbol of the elephant, which represents strength, wisdom, and loyalty, this necklace is a powerful talisman for anyone seeking these qualities in their life.


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