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Clear Quartz Aromatherapy Bottle Necklace

Clear Quartz Aromatherapy Bottle Necklace

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Stunningly beautiful and unique clear quartz precious stone bottle pendant necklace.

The bottle has a aluminum tube vial which prevents your essential oils from damaging the stone. Please note this difference when shopping for gem bottle necklaces. The cheaper knock offs have no vial.

Using the supplied dropper, fill the bottle with essential oil or perfume of your choice. The bottle lid and the inner vial are made of well-machined aluminum which will not react with oils. The pendant comes with an 18" cord necklace, gift box, dropper, glass container, and funnel.

Option to purchase heavy sterling 925 silver rolo chain necklace with custom bail.

We also sell bottle pendants made of lapis lazuli, rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, green aventurine, black agate, fluorite, and carnelian.

approximate size: 1.3"x.5"x.68" (33mmx17..4mm)

Clear Quartz is a strong healing stone able to augment other Chakra Stones and can be used empower all Chakras. Used augment intention. It is associated with all Chakras and thus is a great stone to wear with other Chakra stones or jewelry.

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