Colección: Charms

Dive into the enchanting world of Aura Charms and discover our diverse array of sterling silver and 24K gold vermeil charms. Each piece in our collection is intricately detailed, reflecting the beauty and essence of the natural and spiritual realms. From the wild grace of our animal charms to the serene spirituality of the Om and Hamsa Hand symbols, and the mystic allure of Celtic designs, our charms are designed to captivate and inspire.

We also carry a   jade charms handmade from nephrite jade from Canada, featuring an array of beloved animal motifs and symbolic figures. Our petite Canadian nephrite jade charms are delicately carved into shapes of turtles, rabbits, owls, butterflies, birds, dolphins, bears, and pigs, each one a testament to skilled artisanship. Our collection also includes jade charms shaped like hearts and four-leaf clovers, symbols of love and good fortune.