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Aura Charms

Raw Amber Pendant Necklace

Raw Amber Pendant Necklace

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Hand-selected large raw Baltic Amber. I chose the amber for its color and size, and shape. The bail is oxidized copper. The chain is 24" long and made of oxidized bronze.

Amber is a semi-precious stone that is associated with it's healing, cleansing and protective properties. Amber is a throat Chakra.

Amber is petrified tree resin that formed 20+ million years ago. Baltic amber is the most stable ambers as it it one of the oldest. Amber in all its forms has a glowing quality to it and suits all skin colors and types. Amber is also lightweight and warm to the touch. It feels wonderful on your skin. 

The metaphysical properties of amber are both subtle and profound. Amber soaks up and dissipates negative energy, both physical and mental. Wearing amber can relieve muscle pain and headaches.

Weight 19 grams

53mm x 29mm x 19mm (not including bail)

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